Join Karl Tanswell for this 6-hour workshop that will teach you the techniques employed by some of the best MMA fighters and boxers on the planet in a way that will allow you to use them with your clients immediately!

Karl will be delivering this workshop in Leeds on Saturday 23rd April, from 10am-4pm

Who is this for? 

You’ll be learning from the very best with Karl Tanswell’s world class experience. Although the methods in the workshop are perfect for MMA and boxing coaches, Karl’s coaching models are perfect for personal trainers and S&C coaches looking to improve their knowledge of boxing, martial arts and pad work.

You’ll be learning in a safe non-contact environment and you’ll come away with instantly applicable tools to improve you as a coach and help you get better results with your clients and athletes.

What you will learn and gain at the Essential Pad Man Workshop

  • Warm up and Cool Down and Getting to know your Equipment
  • Injury Prevention for the Pad Man
  • New Fighter Assessment
  • The Fighting Measure (MMA Specific)
  • Why the Number System is Redundant
  • The Cross Pads Defence System
  • Balance Checks
  • Problem Solving Drills PLUS 6 MONTHS Subscription to the Website Worth £60 Alone!

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